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The following songs were written
by Tom Jans but are unrecorded.

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There are Tom Jans songs registered with ASCAP, BMI and the Library of Congress which appear not to have been recorded. Although there were definitely demos of at least some of the songs, I only have lyric information for a couple of these songs.

  • Before I love again.
  • Can't keep a secret
  • Cowboy lullaby
  • The fight
  • Girl, what are you up to?
  • Greatest love on earth
  • A handful of memories and you
    (Tom Jans & Richard Kerr)
  • I spend my whole life waiting
    (Tom Jans & Will Jennings)
  • It ain't gonna make no difference to me
    (Tom Jans & Kent M. Robbins)
  • I've been there before
  • Just a memory to me
  • Left-handed notes from the combat zone
  • Let's keep in touch
  • Luxury of love
    (Tom Jans & Jeff Barry)
  • Macho addio
  • Memory of you
  • Men in their thirties
    (Tony Greco & Tom Jans)
  • Message to your heart
    (Tom Jans & Alan Brackett)
  • Murrietta
  • My day
    (Tom Jans & John Bettis)
  • The phoenix
  • Please be there
    (Tom Jans / Angelo Arvonio)
  • Send him home to me
  • She'll break you
  • Small town
    (Tom Jans & Angelo Arvonio)
  • She'll break you
    (Richard Kerr & Tom Jans)
  • Somebody's lady
    (Tom Jans & Molly-Ann Leikin)
  • Takin' down the pictures
    (Tom Jans & Frank Musker)
  • Trying to make you smile
    (Richard Kerr & Tom Jans)
  • What are we fighting for?
    (Darrell Brown & Tom Jans)
  • When I get over you
    (Tom Jans & David "Hawk" Wolinski)
  • Wing and a prayer
  • You and the thunder
    (Tony Greco & Tom Jans)
    link to Demo of  You and the thunder
    (copyright Greco Music) vocal: Tom Jans
    note: this is not the Jackson Browne song
  • You can always come to me
  • Your arms (Kent M. Robbins and Tom Jans)
  • avocado
    a parody often performed by Tom
    but which was written by
    Bill Martin also known as William E Martin, , and not by Tom as I (and the CBS press office) thought at first hearing. This song is possibly best known as performed by Al Yankovitz.
    think eagles and sing softly just once to yourself ...

    what makes you think you're so holy
    you just guacamole to me
    you're a hard one
    i can see you ain't in season
    these hands that are squeezin'
    will eat you some day

    lyrics by Bill Martin
    tom jans having fun  - circa 1976

    "Tom knew Henley and Fry ..."Avocado" was a way to have fun, at their expense. (which Jans took great delight in doing). It was always a great bit to do in live shows...and he did it for the record label (Columbia) conventions etc... promotion guys loved it."
    Avocado was actually written as a birthday card to Glen Fry by Bill Martin. Bill used to play keyboards with Linda Rondstadt,. He co-wrote the screenplay to Harry And The Hendersons (credited as William E. Martin)

    Scott Shelley remembers suggesting to Tom that a little comic relief in the set might not go astray - played Avocado for him, and it was in the set from then on.

This list is certainly not complete.
More details can be found at Ace on the Web.
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photo of Tom in Brentwood by Laura
thanks to Alan Brackett & Tony Greco for the demos
thanks also to Scott and David for additional information

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