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the photo that was previously placed here did  not, in fact, include Jerry Swallow. My apologies for the error. That photo has now been moved to
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We are saddend to hear of  the passing of the great guitarist.

Jerry played with Tom Jans notably on Dark Blonde and during the tours of 1975-76 with the Tom Jans band. There is so much of Jerry's playing out there including work with Olivia Newton John, Randy Meisner, Michael Nesmith, Lynn Anderson, Johnny Rodriguez, Glenn Campbell and I'm sure there are recordings from the years on the road with Tanya Tucker, and Jerry did so much much more.

"Jerry was gifted in his guitar playing to the point that he never had to "sell" it - when you heard him play, that was all that needed to be said.   He played as he lived - honestly."
Alan Brackett, march 2003
Record producer, and vocalist with Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

There was a web site at,
but it doesn't seem to be accessible at the present time.

There is a MySpace page for Jerry Swallow with music and additional information.

For some wonderful guitar playing do check out the cd Teleride, recorded by Jerry using his 1952 telecaster.  There is a review at MusicDish. The album is currently listed at Tricopolis Records. (Feb 2009)

The Tom Jans Band backstage at Cain's Ballroom - on the bill with Hank Williams Jr. Left to right: Jerry Swallow, Kelly Shanahan, Tom Jans, Scott Shelley with Southern Comfort, Chris Cotton (standing)
and Kerry Hatch.  Chris was the road manager.

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The Tom Jans Band, "The Midnight Gondoliers",
 (from left to right) Swallow, Shelley, Jans, Shanahan,
Hatch, Utley (not in view) opening for Michael Murphy

at the "Can Jam" Dallas 1976

The following is edited from a note received from Jerry Swallow in July 1999 when he contacted me about the Tom Jans web site:

"Yes we have the Champion LP. I played on two cuts, some how they left my name off the credits. I think The Eyes Of An Only Child and Dark Blonde are his best. I  was playing with Tom at the concert in Texas, I would like to see that picture. Tom was my son's Godfather. Tom wrote something special on the album to Isaiah (my Son), were living together in Nashville when he died, I took him to the airport [in Nashville] so he could return to California to take care of some business, and he never returned. Tom's song (Lovin Arms) recently is a hit again on the country charts for the Dixie Chicks.  I appreciate you didn't forget him." 

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photo credits:
Tulsa 1975 courtesy of Scott Shelley
Dallas Texas 1976 Angela Smiddy

promo pic from Jerry Swallow MySpace
(original source unknown)

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