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The Fight


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They're spilling real blood
On the streets
Tonight, baby
For a promise I couldn't keep
Tonight, baby
And if they catch me this time
They're not just gonna put me to sleep
Can't let those fools push me around
Should have heard it when his body hit the ground
So pour me one more
My body is aching
And my mind is so sore

I don't think they're gonna find me here
Cause I ran with all my might
But sometimes darling
I get the feeling
That the fear
Is worse than the fight

She said

For so long my sweet one
You've been on my hands
Why is it so hard for you to understand
I'm part of the cycle
You've misunderstood
It makes you run to the street
Just to spill your blood
There is no secret
And no grand design
There's no reason to feel left behind

Cause you know
That I love you
I can't say anymore
And I'll be right with you
If they come through the door
Yes, I will
The fear is worse than the fight

this song was probably considered for Champion

words & music by tom jans
(not dated)


photos and materials courtesy jf
all lyrics and music
tom jans

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