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Cowboy Lullaby


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I remember very well that day
And all that old cowboy had to say
The hours seemed to drift as he talked on
He spoke about a life that now was gone
And looking to the stars he sang this song
Sang this song

I wonder if there I will meet her
The loved one that God took away
And if in the heavens I'll greet her
At the round-up that's on the last day
But the eyes of my pony are flashing
Impatient, he pulls at the reins
And off through the night I'll go dashing
A reckless cowboy on the plains

Memory of that cowboy lingers on
Loved ones like the years have come and gone
And if I find myself losing time
I go back to that old lullaby
And just for awhile that song is mine
That song is mine

words & music by tom jans
(not dated)

photos and materials courtesy jf
all lyrics and music
tom jans

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