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"Loving Arms"

...was recorded by a slew of people,
including my fave rave Elvis..."
Tom Jans 1977

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An incomplete list of Covers is a comprehensive database, and a great deal of the information about cover versions comes from that source, (Thanks Hans). There are so many covers of Loving Arms and I have not fully researched this yet. I certainly haven't heard them all !

What's the difference San Francisco Scott McKenzie
may or may not have been written by Jans or Jans/McKenzie
( no documentation available

[Love Has No Pride Bonnie Rait Bonnie Rait 1972]
there were references on the web suggested that this song should be attributed to Tom Jans as writer or co-writer. this is incorrect as this song was definitely written by Eric Kaz and Libby Titus.

Strong Strong Wind single Don Stanton 1973
(CBS SSC1419 - Australia - recorded in South Africa)
(written by Tom Jans and Will Jennings

Carolina ...for a blue afternoon Robb Constantine
this album also contains three songs composed by Mimi Farina
and all four songs are taken from "Take Heart".
"... for a blue afternoon" may have been a private pressing.
approximate date is 1973. (info from Doug at

Free and Easy Free and Easy Helen Reddy 1974
Margarita A little bit of love Paul Williams 1974
Out of Hand Feelings Mentor Williams 1974
Old Time Feeling Hey Dixie Dobie Gray 1974
One Night Stand Feelings Mentor Williams 1974
Party in my Heart Feelings Mentor Williams 1974
(written by Mentor Williams, Tom Jans and Will Jennings)

Party in my Heart Back at 'Cha Sam & Dave 1974
re-released on CD in the UK in 2009

Come see me round midnight Nino Tempo 1974
(written by Jans/Nino Tempo)

title track of A&M lp by Nino Tempo & the 5th Avenue Saxes

unknown Step by Step Linda George 1975 (Australia)
Out of Hand The Essential Gary Stewart 1975

Roy Dea (producer of Gary Stewart's Out of Hand album):
"Out of hand was a song we found out on a guy by the name of Mentor Wi
lliams ... Paul's brother, who wrote 'Drift Away'. Me an' Gary was always buying albums by songwriters, and we came across this Mentor Williams record to dig through it for songs. 'Out of Hand' was co-written by a guy named Tom Jans ... and Jeff Barry. We shortened it up and put it out. It was a big record for us."

Old Time Feeling single Johnny Cash & June Carter 1976
Party in my heart single Gail Davies 1976
Tender Memory Bareback Richard Torrance 1977
Once Before I Die single Kooyman & van Haeren 1977

This song was covered in a translation (Dutch) by Belgium duo Ed Kooyman & Herman van Haeren, entitled 'Bob'. This info is found in the (reliable) book The Originals by Arnold Rypens. Mentioned there, should mean that at the time it at least got some airplay. Maybe it is a 45 single). The duo would often parody songs, so this version may well be in that style. (notes from  KvdH)

Can't Keep A Secret (Jans/Shelly) Black & White Mike Finnigan 1978
My Mother's eyes Divine Madness Bette Midler 1980

from the sleevenotes:
"The song "My Mother's Eyes" written by Tom Jans was performed live at Pasedena as part of the show "Divine Madness" but was not included in the film due to the time limitation"

Woman's got the power lp title ? The A's 1981
When the Rebel Comes Home Runaway Dakota 1984

    (Steve Porcarro plays on this one.)
Satisfied Man Double Trouble Live Molly Hackett 1985
Half a Man (Jans/Payne) Long Time Gone John Starling 1990
Satisfied Man (Deluca/Jans) Cut to the bone Molly Hackett 1995

My Promise to You Pride of the Islands vol 1
                                    Trace Hinckley & Steve Sutherland

Inside of you Get Me Free Karny 1999
Hart's Island 'Til Summer Ends  Bela 2000
Working Hot Little Victories Dakota 2001

"It was a song written by a good friend Tom Jans who passed away back in 85 (sic) We always loved the song and did it live for years. 20 years later I wanted to do a studio version of it and there you have it.
Dakota interview with Jerry G Hludzik 2001

Inside of you live Superwolf 2005

When the rebel comes home not known The A's
Back on my feet again not known Michael Bolton
Strong Strong Wind not known Costa
My Mother's Eyes not known S Dale
My Mother's Eyes not known Graziano Romani
One Night Stand  not known Hank Williams Jr
Out of Hand not known Jordonairres
Shine It on not known David Allan Coe
Shine It On not known Jim Nabors
Margarita not known Demis Rousos
Free and Easy not known Yuki Okazaki
Back on my feet again not known Michael Bolton
Johnny Paycheck
not known
Tammy Wynette
not known
Frank Sinatra not known

Will Jennings
On, MHIC writes:"Old Time Feeling" has perhaps the most heralded geneology, having been written by the very prolific songwriters Tom Jans and Will Jennings. It is, I believe, their only collaboration. Jans wrote (and recorded) "Lovin' Arms," (also done by Elvis, among many others); "Back On My Feet Again" (Michael Bolton); and "My Mother's Eyes" (Bette Midler). Jennings is, of course, one of the country's most awarded writers. His credits include "Tears In Heaven" with Eric Clapton; Roll With It (Steve Winwood); "I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again" (Dionne Warwick); "Somewhere in the Night" and "Looks Like We Made It" (Barry Manilow); Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On" (he of course won an Oscar for that); plus two collaborations with Rodney Crowell, "Please Remember Me" and "Many A Long Lonesome Highway." His songs have been done by almost everybody, but "Old Time Feeling" was only recorded by June and John."

Green River Stories we could tell The Everly Brothers
This is not Tom Jans' song.
(There is a 30 sec clip at Amazon)

Loving Arms
has been recorded by many artistes including:


Dobie Gray Lovin' Arms 1974
Millie Jackson Still Caught Up 1974
Kris Kristofferson Full Moon 1974
Elvis Presley Good Times 1974
Jody Miller House of the Rising Sun 1974
Catherine Howe Harry 1974.
Elvis Presley Good Times 1974
Petula Clark I'm the woman you need 1975
Jon English single on Polydor (Australia)  1975
Olivia Newton John Have you never been mellow
Tim Rose The Musician  1975
Walker Brothers If you could hear me now 1975
Billy Eckstine Senior Soul  1977
Sammi Smith Mixed Emotions 1977
Tom T Hall About Love 1977
Tanya Tucker You Are So Beautiful 1977
Demis Roussos Demis Roussos 1978
Johnny Duncan & Janie Frickie single 1980
Etta James Essential  
Etta James Sweetest peaches part II

Millie Jackson I had to say it  1980
Brenda Lee single 1986. 
Nana Mouskouri Love goes on 1987
Livingston Taylor with Leah Kunkel single 1988

    (released as a double A-side with both a country and a pop version)
Carla Olson & Stephen McCarthy True Voices 1990
Elvis Presley Essential  1995
Elvis Presley Walk A Mile In My Shoes 1995
The Beautiful South The Beautiful South 1995
         (Introduced in concert as
           "Here's an old Etta James song ... "

The Beautiful South Perfect 10 cd single 1998

          This bluesy, late-night cover of the oft-recorded Tom
           Jans standard makes for the perfect complement to the    
            jaunty new A-side.     (John Sakamoto's web page)

Mario Winans Story Of My Heart 1997
Sherwood Ball Dreamin' of Christmas in L.A. 1997
Jeff Rasmussen & Trace Hinkley Pride of the Islands Vol 1 1998
Dixie Chicks
Wide Open Spaces 1998
Kenny Rogers She Rides Wild Horses 1999
Chris Farlowe The Voice 1999
Elaine Kelly Aileen Moynagh, & Friends 'A Lullaby for Lori' 2000
Miranda Lambert live 2002
Michael Barrett 2002
Tommy Lepson Band AM53 2003
Ken and Donna Pa. House Concerts 2003
Irma Thomas After The Rain 2006
review from The Daily Telegraph (UK) 3rd June 2006:
Her piano-driven rendition of Tom Jans's Loving Arms found her mighty in maturity: two months before the hurricane swept away her home and nightclub, she sang of being "too long in the wind, too long in the rain".

Rita Coolidge All time high
Michael Ballew Daddy Don't Live In Heaven
Petula Clark Anthology-Downtown To Sunset Blvd
Petula Clark I'm The Woman You Need
Rita Coolidge Best Of Rita Coolidge
Dixie Chicks Ready To Run Pt.2
Hortense Ellis Hits From Studio One & More
Fireplace Melodies Various Fireplace Melodies
Vince Hill That Loving Feeling
Millie Jackson 21 Of The Best
Millie Jackson Between The Sheets
Millie Jackson Caught Up/Still Caught Up
Millie Jackson Totally Unrestricted
Junior Kimbrough Done Got Old
Mellow Rock Various Mellow Rock
Olivia Newton-John 48 Original Tracks
Olivia Newton-John Her Greatest Hits
Olivia Newton-John I Honestly Love You
Elvis Presley Collection
Elvis Presley Country Side Of Elvis
Elvis Presley Forever In Love 
Elvis Presley Loving Arms
R.L. Burnside Alice Mae
Rankin Family Rankin Family
Robert Cage Bundle Up And Go
Kenny Rogers All The Hits & All New Love Songs
Darden Smith Extra Extra
Little Victories Loving Arms
Various Artists Love Album
Glen Campbell Concert Collection
Elvis Presley Promised Land
Millie Jackson I Had To Say It
Elvis Presley Rhythm & Country (Alt take)
Juke Boy Bonner Texas Troubadours

Loving Arms has also been recorded by:
R Davis
no details known
T G Shepard no details known
Rex Allen Jr
no details known
Brenda Lee no details known
Catherine Howe no details kown
A Tew no details known

"Loving Arms",(David Snell), (Craig Darden Smith) "Lovin' Arms" (Ian Broadbent/Alan Curtis Stewart), "Your Loving Arms" (David Harrow/ Birgit Dieckmann), and "Loving Arms" (as recorded by Carl & Pearl Butler) are often referenced with Tom Jans.. I have tried not to confuse Tom Jans' song with these songs, but I apologise for any errors and would welcome clarification.

Can you please help by providing more information ?

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