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    • 1970 Big Sur Folk Festival with Mimi Farina
      reviewed in Sing Out! July/August 1971, p. 9
      text not available at present

    • 3rd October 1970 with Chris Etheridge
    • 1970 The Black Hawk San Francisco
      It was at a concert at The Black Hawk that Joan Baez heard Tom Jans.
      Joan then introduced him to her sister Mimi.
    • 22nd October 1970 The Ash Grove, LA
      this concert is remembered by David Hartzeim writing at
    • Oct / Nov 1970 The Four Muses, San Clemente, CA
    • Oct-Nov 1970 In the Alley, Escondido, CA

    • Oct-Nov 1970 The Back Door, UC San Diego
      (with guest appearances by Massive Ferguson,
      Bruce Langhorne and Kris Kristofferson)

    • 7th November 1970 Coffee House San Francisco

    • 18th November 1970 The Quiet Knight Chicago
      may have been a residence of a few days. Will Bartel opened

    • December 1970 The Boston Tea Party
      with Doc Watson and The Incredible String Band
      (date assumed to be December - data from Itzero who was there)

    • 28th December 1970 Gaslight NYC
      with  Steve Baron, Jef Lowell (on bass)
    • 1971 UC Davis Ca
      in 1971 or so, Tom and Mimi Farina played at the Coffee House on the U.C. Davis campus.  Will Bartell and Tony Plescia were also on the bill.
    • March 1971 New York City
      reviewed in Village Voice 11th March 1971
      text not available at present

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    • 14th March 1971 Marshall Tavern, Marshall Ca

    • 18-23 April 1971 The Boarding House San Francisco
      (may have been April 1972)
    • 1971 Monterey Folk Festival
      In a review in Sing Out, Herbert Wise remarks that
      Mimi Farina and Tom Jans were "wonderful."
    • May 1971 Los Angeles
      with Joan Baez and Stoneground.
    • 1st July 1971 Santa Monica Auditorium
      research by karls confirms that Mimi and Tom opened for Cat Stevens at this concert. The rest of the US tour with Cat Stevens seems to have taken place in Oct / Nov 1971.
    • 30 July 1971 Cambridge Folk Festival England
      Mimi Farina and Tom Jans appeared on July 30 / 31
      and also on 1st August

      from the Programme Notes:
      Mimi Farina appears as she sounds. Each smile is a touch of summer, and her voice is as beautifully clear and direct as the expression in her eyes. Tom Jans's voice is soft and mellow, as yan to yin. They compose, play guitars and sing, and let you come with them into the refreshing beauty of their music. The songs they perform are written by themselves or by friends, or 'borrowed' from records. (They are also salted very occasionally with 50's rock-and-roll). Much of their harmony with their audience is due to a complete lack of affectation and self-consciousness; they need no 'hard-time' trappings or hip patter. Their music and themselves is enough..

      photos and set lists by Richard Lewis

       Friday (July 30th) "Country Evening" Club Tent      5pm
      including Gary Farr, Smiley, Joe Locker, Western Echoes, Pete Seeger, Bill Clifton, Mimi Farina & Tom Jans
      arolina / reach out / you're sixteen / me and bobby mcgee / in the quiet morning / the praties are small / never ending song of love / letter to jesus / carry it on / pack up your sorrows

      Saturday (July 30th) Main Tent      10.30pm
      madman / me and bobby mcgee / in the quiet morning / you're sixteen / the praties / never ending song of love / instrumental

      Sunday (August 1st)   Open Air        4.20pm
      including Anne Briggs, Jean Ritchie, Mr Fox, Mimi Farina & Tom Jans
      arolina / me and bobby mcgee / children of darkness / letter to jesus / good god I'm feeling fine

      Sunday (August 1st)   Main Tent      11.55pm
      never ending song of love / reach out / not known / not known / great white horse / in the quiet morning / mental revenge / no need to be lonely / good god I’m feeling fine

      all songs mimi farina and/or tom jans except:
      you're sixteen - Johnny Burnette
      the praties are small - trad
      never ending song of love - Delaney Bramlett
      children of darkness - Richard Farina
      great white horse - Buck Owens / L Scott
      mental revenge - Mel Tillis


    • 29th August 1971  Beat gæst (Danish Radio)
      A Danish radio programme. May not have contained "live" songs. Usually the guest would play records and host the program, talking 'bout their lives, preferences etc.
    • 1971 Newcastle England
    • 1971 opened for Cat Stevens in Manchester England
      exact date not known - 1971 presumed
    • 1971 Cousins London

    Review by Jerry Gilbert

    The appearance of Mimi Farina and Tom Jans at Cousins on Friday attracted an audience far in excess of the usual Friday night crowds, although the evening itself proved to be slightly disappointing. Martin Carthy, Tim Hart, Mike Cooper and Al Stewart were among those who had come along to see Tom and Mimi, whilst Andy Fernbach, John Altmon and an highly impressive guitarist, Johnson Field provided excellent support.

    But Cousins appeared to be a mis-chosen venue for the American duo to wind up their tour. They seemed to lack confidence and cohesion. They opened with "Carolina's On My Mind" and followed with "Reach Out", "Me and Bobby McGee" and "The Praties..." all of which were fairly unimpressive and in a couple of instances the two guitars clashed terribly.

    Then Tom went into his rock'n'roll routine and sang Johnny Burnette's "Sweet Sixteen" which opened the way beautifully for "Children of Darkness", an old Richard Farina number which Mimi and Tom have retained. On the night I enjoyed Andy a good deal more.

    (reference for this cutting not available at present)

    • 1971 Scandanavia
    • 1971 Poland
    • 1971 Paris France

    tom & mimi -live A&M.jpg (16780 bytes)
    Mimi & Tom   (A&M publicity shot)

    • 1971 Fall Academy of Music in Philadelphia
      Opened for a James Taylor-Carole King concert. 
      Reviewed in "The Distant Drummer."

      (text not available at the present time)

    tom&mimi.jpg (17832 bytes)
    A&M publicity photo



    • 14 October 1971 Freeborn Hall at UC Davis
      opening for Gordon Lightfoot


    • On tour with Cat Stevens
      October & November 1971 including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in NY, Trinity University, San Antonio, Houston, The Dallas Memorial Auditorium, LA (two concerts), Denver, Berkeley, & San Jose.

    • 21st October 1971 University of Waterloo Ontario Canada
    • 23rd October 1971 Massey Hall Toronto Canada
    • 24 October 1971 Philharmonic Hall NY

      Review  Variety 3rd Nov 1971 (p 43)
      Cat Stevens scored at Philharmonic Hall, Oct 24, in two sold out performances, both times following a fine folk-style duo, Mimi Farina & Tom Jans. The two Ron Delsener productions grossed $30,500.

      Mimi Farina & Tom Jans both played guitar. Both have good voices and while Miss Farina, sister of Joan Baez, frequently was deadpan, her comments were humorous. Their set included "Children of Darkness", which was written by Richard Farina, the performer's late husband.
    • 25 October 1971 Keaney Gym, Kingston RI
      Opening for Cat Stevens - source only notes Mimi as performer
      info from Rhode Island Rocks

      Ads of Mimi and Tom Jans

      The following dates are from the The Cat Stevens Tour.
      Mimi Farina and Tom Jans were the opening act , but I have not seen written evidence that Mimi and Tom appeared at all the shows in November.

    • 26th October 1971 The Music Hall, Boston MA *

    • 27th October 1971 Bucknell University Lewisburg PA

    • 30th October 1971 Kleinhans Music Hall Buffalo New York
      Two shows - both sold out.
    • 31st October The War Memorial Syracuse New York
      (Mimi and Tom did not appear)
    • 4th November 1971 Auditorium Theatre Chicago Illinois
    • 6th November 1971 Kennedy Center, Washington DC
    • 7th November 1971 The Mosque, Richmond, VA


    • 10th November 1971 Municipal Auditorium Atlanta Georgia

    • 12th November 1971 Curtis Hall Tampa Florida
    • 13th November 1971 Miami Beach
    • 15th November 1971 Jackson Mississippi - (not confirmed)
    • 16th November 1971 Baton Rouge LA
    • 17th November 1971 Tad Smith Coliseum University of MS

      19th November 1971 Trinity University San Antonio TX
    • 21st November 1971 Dallas Memorial Auditorium Dallas
    • 23rd November 1971 Denver Coliseum Denver Colorado
    • 24th November 1971 Berkeley Community Theatre
    • 26th Nov 1971 Santa Clara Fairgrounds San Jose Ca

    mf-tj.jpg (74583 bytes)
    poster artist (probably): Randy Tuten

    • 27th / 28th November 1971 Greek Theatre Los Angeles

      Review Billboard 18th December 1971by Nat Freedland
      .....The bill was opened by Tom Jans and Mimi Farina with some pleasantly harmonised morality songs.

    • December 1971 ? Gaslight II
      with David Buskin
    • late 1971 Gaslight NYC (unconfirmed)
    • 1971 or 1972 Drinking Gourd San Francisco
    • 09-12 March 1972  Stonehenge Club Ipswich Mass

    • 15th March 1972 Blue Wall Cafe Amherst MA *

    • April 72 Cornell University
    • 08th April 1972 Case Western University Cleveland Oh
      Tom and Mimi opened for Dave van Ronk.  Broadcast by WNCR-FM

    Set list
    in the quiet morning / mama tried / reach out/ you're sixteen /
    children of darkness/ loving arms / letter to jesus/ madman /
    great white horse / carolina / good god I'm feelin' fine / carry it on

    • 12 April 1972 Bitter End NYC
      supported by Chris Smither

      Review: Variety 26 April 1972

      Mimi Fariña, sister of Joan Baez, and Tom Jans are a smooth folk-singing duo with easy audience communication, good material and good vocal and guitar form. Miss Fariña is the widow of Richard Fariña, writer-performer, who died a couple of years ago.

      Their Bitter End gig is unusual since they've usually headlined Gaslight II in previous visits to Greenwich Village. Their friendliness, natural humor and tunes carry easily in both rooms. They open their set as they open their A&M album, with Jans' "Carolina," sung by Jans with Miss Fariña supplying humming harmony.

      Most of the other numbers, regardless of who starts, wind up as duets and their voices blend perfectly, even though they've been performing together for only a bit more than a year. Although most of their material are originals, they also score with Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried," a country tune turning up more in other areas these days, and "You're 16," a rocker from the '50s, which is a fun selection.

      Miss Fariña and Jans both play six-string acoustic guitars. In their encore, however, they go to grand piano. Their being seated at the piano stool prompts a good example of their effective dry humor as Miss Fariña says, "It feels strange over here. That's because I don't play the piano." Jans plays for the encore, another duet. This is an engaging folk team.

      Review: Billboard 29 April 1972
      Mimi Fariña and Tom Jans, of A&M Records, performed on April 12 in an attenuated folk style which was largely devoid of energy and substance. Although they generated some heat with Merle Haggard's "Mama Tried," Fariña and Jans were generally listless and unexciting.

      Accompanying themselves on acoustic guitars, Fariña and Jans sang "You're 16," poking self-conscious fun at the Ozzie and Harriet-type TV family situation comedy, rendered Fariña's composition, "Reach Out," about a suicide whom she said was right to do away with himself (life is so awful, but try to hang on anyway, she advised to the audience), and "Letter to Jesus," probably Fariña's best composition.  (DAN BOTTSTEIN)

    • 21-22 April 1972 San Francisco

    • April or May 1972 Hollywood Bowl

    • 6th & 7th May Four Muses San Clemente Ca.
      Ralph and Holly Barr opened

    • May 1972 San Francisco
      Benefit Concert Appearance(s) with Mimi Farina in support of The
      California Anti Air War Initiative. Other artistes noted as taking part included Taj Mahal, The Committee and Joan Baez

    • 1972 Dick Cavet tv show
      good god I'm feeling fine

    • 1972 Putney College, Vermont

    • 1972 Green Room, Tulagi, Boulder

    • 1972-73 Touring with Chris Ramey
      When I met Chris in 2001 he was
       performing in California & Hawaii, and occasionally
      Sussex, England, when not designing and making slides for bottleneck guitars. There was an excellent article in the Saratoga News published that year. We are saddened to hear that Chris Ramey passed away 18th April 2004. There are tributes on the IGS Guitar forum.
    • November 1973  Mickey Newbury's Country Party
      Benefit for Pacifica Radio Station KPFA-FM
      "... warm set from Mickey who then introduced a series of surprise guests : Rambling Jack Elliot, just in from Hawaii and mildly high on acid, who told about falling in love with a waitress last year at the Boarding House while listening to Mickey sing; he was joined by Tom Jans who did a quick set of his own." (from Rolling Stone 12 December 1973)
    • 14 November 1975 Other End New York

      Review Variety 19 November 1975
      Tom Jans brings a harder rock act from the Coast in his first date at this Greenwich Village cafe's Cabaret Room. Jans also hits folk-rock and country-rock in his good set, one that displays his talents as cleffer.

      Jans, who previously performed with Mimi Farina is a good singer and interpreter. He is also okay on guitar. But lead guitar honors are capably shared by Scott Shelley who also aids vocally, and Jerry Swallow. Vocal support usually is supplied by Kerry Hatch, a good bass guitarist and Mike Utley, who excels on a variety of keyboards including grand piano and synthesizer. Jans actually opens on piano but soon shifts to guitar. Kelly Shanahan , a capable drummer, completes the outfit.

      Jans effectively mixes material from his new Columbia album with older material such as "Loving Arms" etched bymany others including Elvis Presley. From the LP come from "Out of Hand" country single for Gary Stewart. Jans stage manner is good also, He's developing a good set for club or concert.

      Review Billboard  13 December 1975
      Johnny Rivers Tom Jans
      Jans did the front end of a two part show Nov 14 with Johnny Rivers presenting the best part of the show at the other end.

      Jans was suffering from a bad cold which affected his throat. That is pure death for a "blues-shouter" type like Jans who writes all his own material. However like the name of a former club he went on singing until the "bitter end". What saved his act show as the driving sound of his musical group.

      Rivers on the other hand appeared to be in the best of form....... The result was that what started out to be a less than satisfying night with the Jans struggle ended by being quite pleasurable although not "goose-pimply exciting". Jans leaves on tour with Janis Ian and Rivers continues on club and college dates. Rudy Garcia
    • 1975 Mulligans, Buffalo New York
      with Scott Shelley, Jerry Swallow, Kelly Shanahan, Kerry Hatch & Mike Utley.
      Radio Broadcast, particularly interesting for the early version of "Ready to Roll".

      Set included::
      loving arms / boogie jam / directions and connections / ready to roll/
      where did all my good friends go / struggle in darkness


    • 1975 Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa, Oklahoma

      backstage at Cain's Ballroom - on the bill with Hank Williams Jr.
      Left to right: Jerry Swallow, Kelly Shanahan, Tom, Scott Shelley with Southern Comfort, Chris Cotton (standing) and Kerry Hatch.
      Chris was the road manager.
    • 1975 Mother Blues, Dallas Texas
    • 1976 Seattle Washington
      Sound System provided by Sundown Sound
      (David Cutter Portland Oregon)
    • 7th March 1976 Irvine Bowl, Laguna Beach
      Tom Jans (with Shanahan, Utley, etc.) opened for Emmylou Harris.
      recalled as "what a great show it was".

    denver1.jpg (16951 bytes)
    The Tom Jans Band (from left to right) Swallow, Shelley, Jans, Shanahan, Hatch, Utley (not in view) opening for Michael Murphy
    at the "Can Jam"

    The concert was to raise food for the food banks.  The admission fee was only 2 cans of food.   Most everyone who went took many more cans than that. This concert included a memorable performance of "Where did all my good friends go".

    Kelly Shanahan has looked at this photo and says in this photo the band are performing the Eagles parody "avocado". "...there were only 2 tunes we did that didn't have bass and drums.... Loving Arms, and Avocado. Process of elimination tells me we were playing Avocado because Kerry is singing and not playing his bass. The fact that he's not playing bass means that I'm also not playing drums which boils it down to either Lovin' Arms or Avocado. The fact that he didn't sing background on Lovin' Arms tells me it had to be Avocado."





    Dallas Texas 1976
    Facing the camera on the left is Scott Shelley, Tom is next, then Chris Cotton, member of the road crew, and manager, George R.

    • 15th Oct 1976 Kansas City Mo
      Uptown Theatre opening for Dwight Twilley

      "Tom Jans and I hang out bar- hopping on the Plaza closing the last bar around 330am. He introduced me to Irish Coffee. He also taught me about his studio band LITTLE FEAT...Tom Waits hero was Tom Jans...both are my heroes...mm "
      (note from the Uptown Theatre web site)
    • 16th Oct 1976 Kansas City Mo
      Friday Night Uptown Theatre
      "Tom Jans Free Concert Uptown Theatre
      Yes another night of bar-hopping....Roger & Tom Jans
      (also from the Uptown Theatre web site)
    • Fall 1976 University of Minnesota, Whole Coffeehouse club
      "... played one of, if not THE, best club show, I've ever seen and heard. We were fortunate enough to meet him after the show: very nice guy."
    • 5th & 6th Nov 1976 M-Shop, Iowa State Memorial Union

    • 7 Nov 1976 Unknown Venue, Dallas, TX *
    • probably late 76 Baton Rouge Louisiana
      solo in a small club - no other details known
    • 1976 Jive 95 KSAN-FM San Francisco
      interview on a chat show (Tom Heyden ?)
      some solo acoustic live songs including "Mama don't you cry" (?) and an Eagles parody, "Avocado" . 
      (Avocado, probably best known performed by Al Yankovitz, was written by William E Martin, also known as Bill Martin , and not by Tom as I first thought when I heard it.)
    • 1977 Texas Opry House, Houston Texas
      Opening for David Allan Coe
      The first song was Avocado, trying warm the crowd, followed by Once Before I Die. Very few in the audience knew Tom's work, but as the set progressed the reception became more friendly.  Once Before I Die was performed a second time following a request.

      Tom opened for David Allen Coe in Houston and in Austin, and probably other towns and cities. This tour was put together by CBS because both Coe and Jans were signed to CBS at that time. In most venues it was a biker crowd and I understand that Tom's solo acoustic set was not always appreciated.
    • 10th May 1977 Avro's Toppop
      Tom Jans and Jerry Swallow recorded two versions of ‘Why don't you love me' in the TV-studio. (may not have been broadcast)
    • 12th: May 1977 Sportpaleis Ahoy Rotterdam
      Valerie Carter opened for the Eagles
      and Tom Jans joined her for "Back on my feet again".
    • 14th May 1977 Oor - Feest, Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
      Special concert with Jerry Swallow & Tom Salisbury,
      as a birthday party for Oor magazine. The concert was
      broadcast on Dutch Radio a few weeks later.

    Set list
    once before i die / out of hand / bluer than you / back on my feet again / loving arms / ready to roll /why don't you love me / young man in trouble / distant cannon fire / struggle in darkness

      photo credits: 
      steve dulson

      Marshall Ca. 14th March 1971

      A&M 1971

      angela smiddy
      Dallas 1976

      thom borsboom
      Sportpaleis Rotterdam, 12th May 1977

      grateful thanks to doug
      for information re Mimi & Tom concert appearances

      special thanks to karl
      for researching the tour with Cat Stevens

      thanks to gr for identifying
      members of the band and crew side-stage at Dallas

      and thanks to dm and all who remembered the shows.

      * info added from the wonderful setlist.fm 2021

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