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single: 1976


  • Early Demos on 45 rpm  
    Loving arms
    Old time feeling
    Hart's Island
    Slippin' away 
    (probably an early version and not really the song recorded in 1974)
  • 1971 Festival at Big Sur
             big-sur.jpg (3793 bytes)
    credited as appearing with Mimi Farina 
    on "Me and Bobby McGee" (Kristofferson)
    Tom Jans is not audible on this recording, but 
    is prominent in the photo montage on the sleeve.
  • 1971 Take Heart AMLS 64310 (with Mimi Farina)
              takehart.jpg (223618 bytes)
    Kings and Queens
    The great white horse (
    Buck Owens/ L Scott)
    Reach out
    In the quiet morning
    Letter to Jesus
    After the sugar harvest
    No need to be lonely

Credits: Mimi Farina, Craig Doerge. Jim Keltner. Leland Skaler, Emil Richards, Edgar Lustgarten, Russ Kunkel, Sneaky Pete. produced by Michael Jackson

Japanese cd: PCCY 10066
(no further information available)

Review by In Your Ear Records
Providence RI USA
This beautiful album from 1971 came at a time when the first wave of singer-songwriters had hit the charts. "Take Heart" is closer to the style of, say, Cat Stevens' first A&M albums than the folk music that Farina had performed with her husband Richard in the early 'sixties. "Take Heart"'s appeal is in its understated mood, Jans' and Farina's sympatico vocal styles and their gorgeous twin folk guitar picking (especially on tracks like the lead-off, "Carolina"). The album includes Mimi's tribute to Janis Joplin, "In The Quiet Morning". August 2001

an aside:
I always though "Carolina" was about the State, but one story tells of a girl friend called Caroline who broke Tom's heart .... "he looked right into her eyes and dedicated the song to her, she melted and went backstage", "..... but it didn't work out ...."

  • 1974 Tom Jans A&M SP-3644
              TJ1974.jpg (13750 bytes)
    Old time feeling
    (Tom Jans & Will Jennings)
    Tender memory
    (Tom Jans & Will Jennings)
    Slippin' away
    (Troy Seals & Eddie Selser)
    Green River
    Blue sky rider
    (Tom Jans & Will Jennings)
    Loving arms
    Free and easy
    Meet me at the border
    (Jackie de Shannon)
    Hart's Island

  • Credits: Lonnie Mack, Troy Seals, Reggie Young, David Briggs, Mike Leech, Kenny Malone, Weldon Myrick, Norm Rea, Mentor Williams, Kris Kristofferson, Dobie Gray. produced by Mentor Williams.

    Recorded at Quadraophonic Nashville

    Note: I was given a test pressing of this album. (The pressing doesn't contain any out-takes or extra tracks.) It was pressed by COLUMBIA RECORDS TERRE HAUTE IND. As the album was put out on A&M, I wonder why the test pressing is on Columbia ?

    Tom's father told that Tom met Elvis Presley on a train near Nashville, and subsequently Elvis recorded Loving Arms.

    1975 The Eyes of an Only Child CBS PC 33699
              eyes01.jpg (36689 bytes)
              Japanese cd: Sony Records SRCS 6282
              "nice price line" 1,800
              liner notes in Japanese dated 21st Dec 1992
              re-released 2007 in mini LP format (SICP 1503)
     with liner notes by
    Jugo Nagisa
    Gotta move
    Once before I die
    Where did all my good friends go
    Inside of you
    Struggle in Darkness
    Out of hand
    The lonesome way back when
    Lonely brother
    Directions and connections
    The eyes of an only child

    Credits: Bill Payne, Colin Cameron, Chuck Rainey, Fred Tackett, Lowell George, Jesse Ed Davis, David Lindley, Jerry McGee, Jeff Porcaro, Jim Keltner, Harvey Mason, Valerie Carter, Lovely Hardy, Herb Pedersen, Mike Utley, Sam Clayton.
    Recorded at Sunset Sound
    produced by John Haeny and Tom Jans

    Executive Producer Lowell George
    "Lowell George had a good effect on [this] album.
    The guy is a genius
    ." - Tom Jans 1977

    Review (August 1999) from
    TOM JANS / THE EYES OF AN ONLY CHILD (J) - Classic rock from '75 contains hit "Struggle In Darkness". Supported by top musicians: L.George, B.Payne, J.Porcaro, H.Mason, C.Rainey, F.Tackett, D.Lindley & S.Clayton. Music reminds of Loggins & Messina...$30.88

    (marked as out of print  at Tower Europe, Sept 99....)

  • 1976 Dark Blonde CBS PC 34293
             db-3.jpg (3199 bytes)
             Japanese cd: Sony Records SRCS 6356
                                   "nice price line" 1,800
             also issued on vinyl in Japan -
    Cat.#/ 25AP 263(1976)
             as well as an
    8-track in the US!
             re-released 2007 in mini LP format  (SICP 1504)
                                   with liner notes by Jugo Nagisa

    Ready to roll
    Why don't you love me
    Bluer than you
    Distant cannon fire
    Young man in trouble
    Back on my feet again

    order of songs altered for 8 track:
    Ready to Roll/Bluer than you/Starlight/Fineline/Distant Cannon Fire/Young Man in Trouble/Why Don't you love me/Rosarita/Back on my feet again

Credits: Kelly Shanahan, Kerry Hatch, Jerry Swallow, Scott Shelley.Bill Payne Ernie Watts David Paich Mike Utley Fred Tackett.
produced by Joe Wissart.

1982 Champion
         champ2.jpg (15437 bytes)
When The Rebel Comes Home  (Tom Jans /Daniel Seraphine) *
There's A Champion On My Side (T Jans /K Oda/D Grusin)
Miss Your Harmony
(Tom Jans /Richard Kerr)
Chambers Of The Heart
Working Hot
(Tom Jans /Don Grusin)
Southern Belle
(T Jans /B Wray/V Carter)
Lost In Your Eyes
(T Jans /Scott Shelly)
Mother's Eyes

Credits: Al Schmitt, Bill Payne, Bob Glaub, Carlos Vega, David Hungate, Don Murray, Ernie Watts, Fred Tackett, Gary Skardia, Jeff Osborne, Jerry Vinci , Kate Markowitz, Ken Wild, Lee Ritenour, Lee Sklar, Mourning Dove, Paul Barrere, Richard Kerr, Rick Ruggeri, Sidney Sharp, Steve Forman, Steve Lukather, Jeff Porcaro Steve Porcaro, Steve Williams, The Ten Boys, Valerie Carter, Victor Feldman, Wippe will.
Jerry Swallow played on 2 tracks, but his name was omitted from the credits.
* Daniel Seraphine credited only on the cover version by Dakota)
David Hungate told this web site th
Champion "was recorded in 78 though not released until 82 "

Produced by Don Grusin

Link to "The Two Toms and a lost record"
an article about the search for "Champion".

Champion has been found. A copy was discovered in a second hand record shop in Hiroshima Japan; several of Tom Jans' friends and colleagues have retained their own personal copy, it has recently been on sale at ebay, and once, a long time ago it was on remainder at Tower Records in Philadelphia !

  • 1971 Letter to Jesus / Madman A&M 1302-s
  • 1971 Good god, I'm feeling fine / Reach out A&M 1339-s
    singles released to promote Take Heart
  • 1973 Loving Arms / Shine it On (Jans/Barry) A&M 1496-s
    single released as a preview to Tom Jans
  • 1974 Margarita (edited) / Green River
    single taken from Tom Jans
  • 1974 A&M New Faces no 4
    4 track EP running at 33 rpm issued in Brazil   AMD 10025
    margarita / loving arms / old time feeling / free and easy
    timings are exactly the same as on Tom Jans )
  • 1975 Struggle in Darkness (edited) / title not known
  • 1975 Once before I die / title not known
    two singles taken from The Eyes of an Only Child
  • 1976 Why don't you love me / Fineline
    single taken from Dark Blonde: released in Holland CBS5270
  • "Your baby is a lady" (Jackie de Shannon)
    A rumoured recording. No date or record label information available.
    This song was also recorded by Rita Coolidge and Stephanie De-Sykes
    as well as Jackie de Shannon herself.
Sessions (authors not noted)
  • 1975 Southbound Hoyt Axton
    reissued on Hoyt Axton "The A&M Years".
    Sleeve notes by John Tobler, but no specific details of personnel; 
    so I'm still not sure on which songs Tom sings.
    Digitally remastered A&M 540-956-2
    (although my copy seems to have some distortion)
  • 1977 Just a stone's throw away Valerie Carter 
    Tom Jans plays on three tracks: 
    "just where I could be used I guess, 
    I wasn't on City Lights, that's for sure". - Tom Jans 1977
  • 1976 Tom Snow Tom Snow
             tomsno77.jpg (6225 bytes)
    Tom Jans sings "additional backgrounds" 
    on "Hurry Boy".   
  • 1977 Bareback Richard Torrance
    "TenderMemory" is covered on this album. 
    I have been told that Tom Jans played on this recording.
  • 1980 10k-La Don Grusin
             10k-la.jpg (6045 bytes)
    Tom Jans sings lead vocal and backup with Valerie Carter 
    on "Mongolia" which was written by Grusin-Jans
  • Compilations
             addsome.jpg (7205 bytes)
    This is the only reference I have seen to a compilation 
    album which includes a Tom Jans recording:
    Add Some Music To Your Day - vol 5
    Track 12 Gotta Move
    listed at
    in July 2007 an out of print white label promo LP was advertised on ebay
    "...played only a couple of times for review. cover has discolored a bit 
    from age and not mint. Includes Tower Of Power , Tyrone Davis , 
    Jon Lucien , Wah Wah Watson , Tommy Bolin (Post Toastee), Chip Taylor , 
    Tom Jans , Willie Nelson , Tony Bird and Rusty Weir." 
  • Covers
    Loving Arms has been recorded by so many different artistes "including my fave rave Elvis" - Tom Jans 1977

    Unrecorded Songs
    there are titles listed giving Thomas Louis Jans
    or Tom Jans as author. I have not heard these songs,

    nor have I seen the lyrics in print.

    photo credit: tom sheehan
    London 20th May 1977
    (tom, please get in touch if I should pay a royalty for the use of the photographs)

Can you please help by providing more information ?

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