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Cambridge Folk Festival

Programme Notes
July 1971

Mimi Farina and Tom Jans

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Mimi Farina appears as she sounds. Each smile is a touch of summer, and her voice is as beautifully clear and direct as the expression in her eyes. Tom Jans's voice is soft and mellow as yan to yin. They compose, play guitars and sing, and let you come with them into the refreshing beauty of their music. The songs they perform are written by themselves or by friends, or "borrowed" from records. (They also salted very occasionally with 50's rock-and-roll). Much of their harmony with their audience is due to a complete lack of affectation and self-consciousness: they need no `hard-time' trappings or hip patter. Their music and themselves is enough.

Miss Farina made several albums with her late husband Richard Farina, who was highly respected in the folk world. Comparison with her sister, Joan Baez, is inevitable, and it is fortunate that Mimi is both musically captivation and beautiful. Prepare to have your heart stolen.

Thanks to John G - who was there.
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